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✔️Follow-up Coaching Call the Week After.

✔️FREE BONUS INCLUDED: 1x Clarity Kit Journal for 30 days (A Journaling Structure designed for high-performers to help them align their thoughts to their actions and practice the principles of mental clarity everyday for 30 days).

You'll have access to fully Editable .pdf, and .docx, of the 500+ page Clarity Kit Journal, a 30 days journaling structure delivered to your inbox every 30 days.

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The Group Coaching has made a difference in my progress as it introduced me to a new family where we are all standing for each other winning and progressing after we declare our targets and progress as a group to honor our word that we gave to ourselves and our family. Group Coaching also supported me a lot in sharing myself and in helping me discover how to go beyond your considerations and make a difference with other people. Inside the group coaching was my 1st time to share myself freely and powerfully in front of people and that is the real power it gave to my leadership skills.

Ahmed El Aby

Entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Manager

I had a first three-month coaching program with Sara where she passed on to me all the tools I needed to excel in my career. She helped increase my confidence levels and enhance my communication skills a lot. Her personality, smile, and non-judgmental way of listening helped me overcome my triggers and a lot of my fears. As a mother of two, I always struggled with communicating with my daughters and how to guide them. I had a lot of problems with my older daughter. Therefore, i took the second part of the program and extended it for another three months. Sara helped me listen to my daughter better and taught me how to be the coach for her. She offered also to give her some sessions to increase her self-confidence and close the communication gap between us. I totally recommend Sara as a coach, if you want to enhance your relationships, and communication skills and have a peaceful intentional life..”

Aya Ahmed

Research Engineer At Bosch and Mother

“Dr. Sara Hegy is not just an outstanding career coach; she is also incredibly friendly and caring. Her warmth and empathy make every session a positive and enriching experience. What sets Sara apart is her unique ability to help me see myself from different perspectives, allowing me to uncover hidden strengths and potential I never knew I had. She offered me expert advice, setting clear goals, and helping me navigate the professional landscape. Thank you, Sara, for your unwavering dedication to your clients!”

Yemisrach Belay


“I have discovered that as human beings we automatically have pre-judgements and I discovered how to be moved by other people’s humanity regardless of their circumstances and no matter how obviously different we are, in the core we have the “same” struggles and I also discovered that the power of being intentional and if you have a good intention in place, it is the initial opening door to so many other doors so it’s critical to get present to that”

Marwa Ali

Accessibility Manager at Amazon and Mother

Academy by Sara Hegy

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