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Destructing the Myths of Leadership

-Leadership is often seen as this Diploma Curriculum, Masters Degree, 2-day intensive, where participants receive a scientific jargon of complicated information about what we should be doing or this bogus manifestation energy that we should be having!

But Leadership is NOT THAT!

-Leadership is also NOT confined to the boardroom or the forefront of

a team...

-Leadership can't be taught in Curricula, Leadership needs to be trained on!

-To be efficient, leaders must have the desire to change what they're doing to have new results, then they must be self-aware to become insightful of their worlds of thought, communication, and action then, they must be given practical tools and know-how strategies to shed away old layers of thought, words, actions to experiences new depths of what's possible.

- Leadership development also works via modeling other successful leaders who walked the walk and hence, accelerating the pathway to results.

- Leadership development leads to individual enablement which causes accelerated results, why?

Because grounded developed leaders practice thinking great thoughts, saying brilliant words, and acting towards extraordinary achievements.

Enablement and the Visionary Leadership Wheel

In a leadership world that is stagnant with highly-evolving expectations, an overwhelm of information, fast-paced global changes of market trends and technologies..

the world needs a revolution..


the Brand New...

Revolution of

Leadership Development...

A Revolution that is..










-your team doesn't need another workshop, or technical skill.

-your team members need to be heard, their skillset needs to be trained to become excellent leaders, and they need to have the flexibility to go for the place that best fits their potential and grow autonomy to realize on big visions,

-how can we achieve that? We help them create a mindset foundation to unlock their own visionary wheels into spaces of untapped potential and opportunity.

The Foundational Pillars of Visionary Leadership

For the Visionary Leadership Wheel to be unlocked, all we need is Science-based Education, Personalized Training and a Personalized Vision.

And I'm a Living Proof:

✨✨ After 12 years of experience in the German Market,

A successful PhD that attracted global attention..

✨✨A first-author publication in the best scientific journal in the world..

✨✨Raising 2.7 million USD💲to what my colleagues once called a ''small project''..

✨✨ 10,000+ hours of training and development..

✨✨ 5,000+ hours of delivering coaching to individuals and a lot of studying the science of Leadership and Achievement..

and a starting point of a ''disempowering mindset'' that sent me straight to burnt-out and depression..

✨✨My transformative journey from a disempowering mindset to one of empowerment and resilience is a testament to the power of visionary leadership.

It's not just about overcoming challenges; it's about turning them into stepping stones for success. The ability to raise significant funding and garner global attention for a project once deemed small is a direct result of this mindset shift.

✨✨In my coaching practice, I've continued to apply these same principles to help others achieve their full potential. With over 5,000 hours of coaching experience, I've witnessed firsthand the remarkable impact that a visionary leader can have on an individual's career and a company's trajectory.

✨✨The evolving landscape of technology and business is fraught with uncertainties, but one thing remains clear: Visionary Leadership is the cornerstone of enduring success in this dynamic arena.

✨✨ Ask the Experts: Mckinsey reports that 70% of individuals receiving coaching reported better work performance, communication skills, and goal achievement​​.

Would you like to join this Visionary Leadership Revolution?

Meet the Woman Behind this Work:

🚀Dr.Sara Hegy is an Award-winning Scientist, Leadership Development Expert and Coach.

🚀A published first author in Nature under Ahmed et al,2020 (Best Academic Journal Worldwide).

🚀Richtzenhain Prize Winner in 2021 and congratulated by the German Embassy in Cairo.

🚀Dr.Hegy's research raised a grant of 2.7 million USD for the scientific development of her findings.

🚀Dr.Hegy has 11+ years of leadership experience as a highly-qualified academic professional expat.

🚀Within the first 23 months of her business's launch, with 10,000+ hours of training and development, she delivered 5000+ hours of coaching calls, created 30+ global clients, and a 5-figure coaching business in the first 23 months of launch without prior entrepreneurial experience.

🚀Dr. Hegy is voted as One of the top 15 coaches in Berlin, Germany in 2022, 2023.

🚀Dr. Hegy's awarded the 2023 Influential Business Women Awards by AI.

🚀Dr. Hegy's a thought leader who delivered 12 scientific articles with a twist on leadership, decision-making, and being visionary for Brainz Magazine in 2023/2024 .













Dr. Hegy has been featured in:

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We lead from the heart and enjoy giving our clients incredible unforgettable experiences..

Sara was one of our guest speakers during International Women’s Week 2022 at Vodafone Intelligent Solutions (VOIS). The session was extremely amazing with her knowledge, personal experience, inspiring story and positive attitude. She is such an energetic, self-motivated and super authentic person!

Yara Osama -Egypt

Global Communications Supervisor at VOIS

Thanks Sara for your sincerity and high sense of professionalism during all the steps that we went through during our preparation for the Elite meeting Training Workshop.

Alaa Ahmed-UAE

Brand Manager @ SPIMACO

Building a partnership with Sara has had repercussions on many aspects of my professional and personal life. Sara has helped me distinguish my self-limiting beliefs and realize the masked potential for my performance. Her program was sincerely customized to me and feeling her devotion to support me has given our partnership an immense forward push. As we started, I was skeptical of the technique, and I wondered “Do you think this is going to work? Is this worth my investment?”. To every wonderer like myself, the answer to both questions is YES! I highly recommend Sara to people aspiring to grow, seeing a boundary that they do not understand, and willing to open up and dwell into their core. This might just be the thing for you!

Omar Mosaad- Germany

Scientist @ Grünenthal Group

Sara got my attention and intention ready since our very first call...highly motivated and committed.

Sara's program included group and 1 on 1 action , definitely a pleasant journey and life-changing experience The program opened up aspects for growth and made me regain curiosity. It also helped me define when things go wrong and how to act in such situations .

the program provided tools and enlightenment to master self-awareness , the value provided exceeded my expectations and opened up a new world for me. Sara makes sure she listens carefully and is very dedicated to her customer , a definition of work passionately done. I wish Sara a flourishing business and career, and I highly recommend her as a coach .

Ahmed Eissa- Germany

Senior Software Engineer @ Daimler

Sara was my coach for 3 months during which she provided a judgment-free & structured space to explore my situation and come up with new ways to achieve what matters the most for me.

She uses several coaching techniques such as powerful questions and deep listening to identify roadblocks that stay in the way of me living in the life of freedom.

It was amazing to know that there are many tools and resources from which we are not aware, which can assist us in making better decisions and positively impacting our life.

After my coaching sessions with Sara I became better in describing myself. I started having powerful conversations with my boss. I became aware of when I am in a reaction. I learnt being in a reaction doesn't take me anywhere from where I am but actions do. Sara is very kind and continues to check on me frequently and remind me of the powerful techniques I learnt from her.

Dina Mostafa-Netherlands

Postdoctoral Scientist @

UMC Utrecht

" I had the pleasure of working with Sara as my career and personal coach. She helped me to discover my blockers and improve my performance in both my personal and professional life.

I am delighted to express my deep appreciation for Sara's exceptional guidance as my leadership coach. Throughout our coaching sessions, I encountered numerous situations where effective communication played a pivotal role in achieving remarkable results. Unfortunately, communication is not my strongest suit. This is where Sara's invaluable support came into play, assisting me in enhancing my communication skills. With her expertise, she introduced me to a systematic approach that can be applied across various contexts. Moreover, Sara's guidance helped me gain clarity in my thoughts, enabling me to overcome numerous obstacles that previously hindered my progress. Thanks to her efforts, I have successfully resolved many challenging situations that would have otherwise remained unresolved.

Marwa Abdelrazeq- Germany

Software Development Manager @ Amazon | Head of Accessibility in

"I chose Sara Hegy to be my coach 3 months ago after seeing her on TV speaking about her journey. I had a strong feeling that she will be able to help me although I didn't know what to expect from the program.

I was truly surprised by all the things Sara helped me discover about myself. She helped me see where my self-limiting beliefs are coming from and how I can deal with them. She helped me discover how to be powerful and free.

In just a few weeks I have seen myself perform and communicate differently because of her coaching. Sara is an amazing coach, she does it from the heart and she put her all into her coaching. If you want a powerful coach who would commit to unleash you and hold you accountable to your own success, I highly recommend Sara."

Dalia El Kenawy, Egypt

Strategic and Analytics Manager @Johnson and Johnson

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